Motivational speaker and mental health advocate Asante Haughton collaborates with caregiving experts and musicians to remix the conversation on caregiving and mental health


Cypher parallels the process of musical collaboration with the peer-support method of mental health caregiving.

Just as every musical collaboration is personal and unique, so too is each caregiving experience. Join award-winning peer support caregiver Asante Haughton in conversations with caregivers and premiere Candian music talents on the front lines of mental health. Together, they will unpack key challenges and pertinent issues, providing caregiving insights along the way.

Talking about mental health is powerful - but singing about it is transcendent.

Enter four-time Juno nominee D-Sisive, who will use these insights to create dynamic musical collaborations with poignant perspective, emotional expression, and lessons learned. In each episode, D-Sisive will invite a marquee recording artist to bring the stories of caregivers to life. Asante and D-Sisive's peer support-driven conversation marked an important turning point in D-Sisive's own personal journey. Now the two intend to demonstrate the power in remixing the conversation about mental health.

Saucy Momo and Stories For Caregivers would like to thank the many experts who contributed to the creation of Cypher:


Saucy Momo
Saucy Momo

Ken Galloway and Rouzbeh Heydari both have solo careers, but they work together on projects for social good. They most recently worked together for two months shooting in Kenya for WE Charity, and before that, they shot ethical chocolate and coffee campaigns and stories in Ecuador and Columbia.

Ken's expertise is in documentary storytelling. Ken is the former head of video production for advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, where he created video content for IBM, Dove, Coca Cola, and Tim Horton's, among other brands. He has also shot music documentaries with recording artists like Gord Downie, Macklemore, and Nelly Furtado.

Meanwhile, Rouzbeh is one of the top music video editors in Canada, having edited multiple videos for Drake, along with Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and many others. He also works as a film director and producer, and has shot multiple feature films, including Dr. Cabbie and most recently, Little Italy.

Together, they are focused on delivering punchy and poignant story arcs with top-notch production value and an overall cinematic look. They are excited to create fresh, authentic, and moving content to help generate awareness about caregiving and build Stories for Caregivers online community.

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