How do you feed your soul? For many, it comes from an unwavering belief in God or a higher power. But it doesn’t have to. At its core, spirituality is the place deep within you where you find meaning and purpose. It is that intangible feeling that washes over you and brings you peace. As we age, it becomes even more important to fill our lives with meaning and surround ourselves with people and a community who give us purpose. While the current elder care system is modeled around taking care of our bodies, it neglects our hearts and our souls, which are in desperate need of nourishment.

Daniel is a caregiver for his wife, Sheila, who is suffering from the effects of late-stage Alzheimer’s disease. In the midst of a global pandemic, Daniel is struggling to provide spiritual nourishment to his wife, who is in a state of cognitive decline, in the midst of a global pandemic, while also trying to find meaning for himself beyond his role as caregiver. Through their touching story, this episode explores the human need for spiritual fulfilment, and how even simple interventions can have an incredibly transformative impact on an individual’s emotional and even physical well-being.

Produced by Black Box Productions

Hosted by Stephanie Erickson