A place where caregivers can connect with each other, share their experiences, and be inspired by uplifting stories.

Stories have the potential to change the way we think and feel about providing care. Stories can share knowledge in entertaining ways, build empathy for better health care and social policies, and drive family and friends to available resources and communities of support. Stories can help us relax and escape the stress of daily life. Produced with the participation of TELUS Fund, Stories For Caregivers aims to share these stories.

What is Stories For Caregivers?

Stories For Caregivers is a free to use social platform developed by The Coup Company as an online destination for Caregivers. Our focus is to:

  • Connect Caregivers with each other
  • Showcase engaging series, documentaries, and videos for Caregivers
  • Generate awareness about Caregiving

Stories For Caregivers is produced with the participation of TELUS Fund. In 2017, TELUS Fund launched a Special Call for web series to surface entertaining and engaging stories with the potential to positively impact individuals providing care for loved ones. Many filmmakers applied and ten were selected to create their pilot episodes. Audiences were invited to watch the pilot episodes online and show support for their favorites. With the support of more than 30,000 video views in a three week period, the Fund financed the production of three web series and the Stories for Caregivers platform.

Who are caregivers?

Simply put, Caregivers are individuals who have been charged with the care and well-being of anyone with a limiting condition. In Canada there are currently over 8 million active Caregivers, most of whom are unrecognized and unpaid. These individuals juggle full time careers with caring for parents, spouses, and children leaving little to no free time for anything else. This number is growing rapidly and is a global issue.

Whether supporting an aging parent or a child with special needs, many people will find themselves filling a caregiver role at some point in their lives. Are you ready to care for your loved one?

Stories For Caregivers does not offer clinical advice

The Stories For Caregivers website is for informational purposes only and is not in the position to offer clinical advice (please see our Terms of Service). However, if you are in need of advice or assistance, please review our Resources Page where you will find a variety of nationwide, Canadian organizations that will be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.

About The Coup Company

The Coup Company is a media studio specializing in the discovery and development of original content. We connect creators with fans and help them realize the potential of building an audience early in the development of their ideas.

The Coup Company has conducted multiple successful media accelerators designed to help creators develop their projects through fan support. All creators who participate gain valuable audience feedback, measurable demographics, social media savvy, and a refined pitch package. Projects that successfully navigate an accelerator from start to finish are greenlit for production. The results thus far have been 3 feature films for Cineplex theatres, a television pilot for CBC, and a variety of short films and webseries for a variety of partners. The Coup Company is also proud to be the digital producer of the highly successful TELUS STORYHIVE.

About Nurse Next Door Home Care Services

Nurse Next Door is the official sponsor of the Honouring Canadian Caregivers Contest 2018

Nurse Next Door is one of North America’s fastest growing home care providers and is dedicated to delivering flexible, affordable and quality options for seniors. Founded in Canada in 2001, it offers a full-spectrum of in-home care services, ranging from a few hours-per-week of caring companionship to 24 hour palliative care from a registered nurse.

Statistics show that 90% of seniors want to stay home as they age. Our compassionate, licensed caregivers are dedicated to empowering our senior clients’ independence. How? By providing companionship, cooking, cleaning and even medical management---all in the comfort of the seniors’ own homes.

We focus on Happier Aging, we believe seniors can stay at home and continue to do all the things they love to do. We ask our clients, “What is one thing you used to love to do that you no longer do?” and through that simple question, we’ve helped countless clients rediscover activities and interests they thought they’d lost forever and have enriched their lives immeasurably. Watch our video Here

Nurse Next Door strives to help your loved one be happier and safer at home, while giving you peace of mind.

With more than 150 locations across North America, this company is fast becoming a globally-admired brand. Nurse Next Door recently ranked Top 50 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 list, was named 5th best mid-sized franchise system in North America by Franchise Business Review and heralded as Canada’s Smartest Company by Profit Magazine. To learn more about Nurse Next Door, visit: www.nursenextdoor.com

About TELUS Fund

TELUS Fund finances exceptional content that promotes the health and well-being of Canadians. The Fund is made possible thanks to the vision of TELUS Corporation and the incredible success of OptikTV, now reaching more than 1 Million TELUS TV customers in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. The Fund is an independently governed, not-for-profit corporation certified by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission as a Canadian Independent Production Fund eligible to administer TELUS Corporation’s financial contributions in support of Canadian programming. Since launching in 2013, The Fund has advanced $18.5 million to more than 100 projects.

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