Caring for Those Who Care, Who Cares?, and Who Cares with Dr. Yvette Lu

After much deliberation, TELUS Fund has selected Caring for Those Who Care, Who Cares?, and Who Cares with Dr. Yvette Lu for additional production financing! Over the next few months these wonderful projects will be realized as full web series to be featured on the future CONNECTIONS website launching Fall 2017! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for continued updates.

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The CONNECTIONS SHOWCASE is thrilled to present the pilot episodes from TELUS Fund’s first ever, Special call for web series. TELUS Fund is looking for entertaining and engaging web series with the potential to positively impact families and friends providing care for loved ones struggling with a limiting condition.

From May 1st to May 19th 2017 Caregivers watched web series pilots, shared them across social networks, and voted for their favourites. Audience particiption during that time was one of many factors influencing the decisions on which projects would receive support to become full length web series'. On June 12th 2017, TELUS Fund announced that Caring for Those Who Care, Who Cares?, and Who Cares with Dr. Yvette Lu. had been selected for additional financing to help make each series a reality.

Working together, the Showcase filmmakers were able to generate almost 30,000 video views over a three week period, and more than 10,000 votes were cast.  This incredible response combined with the outpouring of support on social media has confirmed the strong interest in the subject of Caregiving in Canada and the potential of storytelling to make a positive impact.

As we continue to develop the Connections platform, please keep supporting Caregivers by sharing these wonderful pilots that will always be featured at Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates and we look forward to seeing you all again when the CONNECTIONS platform launches in Fall 2017!

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